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​​Software Testing is a general innovation and is stage free. Testing is the period of the Software Development Life Cycle. The target of Testing, in little words, is to locate the best number of potential blunders (bugs) with a reasonable measure of exertion and time to discharge the quality item. That is the reason a Career in Software Testing is so generally acknowledged and has tremendous extension whatever be the innovation being used. As new advancements travel every which way, Software Testing is digging in for the long haul on the grounds that each application should be tried paying little heed to the innovation. A Career in Software Testing has excellent development possibilities and sought after all through the globe

​What is Software Testing Course?

In Summary, Software check responds to the inquiry, would we say we are building the product right? As designers prepare to discharge code to generation, they should move past the little scale tests that are regular during the improvement procedure, and guarantee that their code will work under true creation loads.

Automated Selenium Software Testing Syllabus Overview:

  • Object oriented Programming using Java

  • Object-oriented Concepts

  • Introduction to Java

  • Composing Java classes 

  • Language Fundamentals

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Java API Support.

  • Exception Handling

  • Collection Framework and Generics

  • Annotations


Automation Testing:

overview of automation testing

  •   situations which require automation

  •   gain of automation testing

  •   right checks for automation

  •   easy instance of check automation

  •   what are assertions? Automation

  •   styles of automation equipment

  •   qtp(brief test expert) assessment….      Vb script

  •   selenium


jira tool

  •   Selenium contents:

  •   selenium features

  •   selenium vs qtp

  •   selenium device suite

  •   selenium ide

  •   ide-installation

  •   ide-capabilities

  •   selenium webdriver

  •   internet-driving force-structure

  •   web-driving force-features

  •   internet-driving force vs rc

  •   selenium & net-driver-installation

  •   first take a look at case

  •   locating strategies of factors

  •   finding by identifier

  •   test instances for an internet desk

  •   automation script for multi-pick out        list packing containers

  •   take a look at instances for unit              testing of check containers and radio       buttons

  • test instances for unit checking out of textual content boxes

  • going for walks check on chrome ,firefox and ide

  • implementation of selenium on undertaking


Testing Framework

  • Introduction of TestNG

  • TestNg vs Junit

  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and TestNG

  • New- Installation of TestNG

  • TestNg Annotations and its Execution order.

  • Grouping the Test Scrpts and run through xml

  • Parallel test execution

  • Exception verification

  • Setting priorities to test

  • Dependencies between the test

  • Dependencies between the group

  • Including and excluding test through the script and by using xml

  • Executing only failed test

  • ITest Listeners in TestNG

  • TestNg Reports and Creating customized report in TestNG

  • Capturing screenshots in TestNG

  • Parameterization in TestNG-DataProvider

  • Dataprovider in TestNG

  • parallel Test execution.

  • Handling XML File

  • TestNG-Maven Integration

  • Check link

  • advent to testlink

  • testlink workflows

  • arms on

  • bugzilla

  • creation to bugzilla

  • bugzilla workflows

  • palms on

    POM and PageFactory

  • What is page object model

  • whilst and why to use

  • whilst and why to use pom

  • examples to pom

  • a way to put in force pom

  • what is pagefactory

  • distinction between pom and pagefactory

  • pom the usage of web page

  • manufacturing facility

  • @finfby annotation

  • @catchelookup annotation

  • test cases with page factory

  • pattern examples for pom


  • Maven Overview

  • Maven

  • Maven Origins

  • What Maven Provide?

  • Ant vs Maven

  • Maven’s project object model(POM)

  • Maven’s Benefits

  • Maven Environment SetUp

  • Add Maven bin directory location to system path and verify Maven installation

  • Importing the maven project into eclipse

  • Maven Repositories and its structure

  • Maven compiler dependency and Build plugIn

  • Creating and executing Maven project through CMD.

  • Creating and Execution of .bat files.

  • Maven integration with Jenkins

  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG

  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG

  • Dependencies in Maven.


  • What is Continuous Integration (CI)

  • What is Jenkins and how it helps in Continuous integration (CI)

  • Downloading and installing Jenkins

  • Executing simple batch commands

  • Scheduling time for test execution.

  • Executing Selenium Project builds with ANT

  • Build Triggers

  • Mailing if build fails

  • Configuring/Scheduling Maven Project in Jenkins

  • Downloading and installing GIT

  • Installing GIT and GITHUB plugins for jenkins

  • Configuring ssh host keys for GIT and Jenkins

  • Uploading Projects On Git

  • Clone The Projects

  • Configuring/Scheduling remote Git



  • What is JMeter?

  • JMeter Features

  • How JMeter Works?


  • What is a Test Plan for JMETER?

  • Writing a Test Plan


  • Thread Group

  • Listeners

  • Timers

  • Controllers

  • Assertions

  • Configuration Elements

  • Pre-processor Elements

  • Post-processor Elements

  • Execution Order of Test Elements


  • Start JMeter

  • Rename the Test Plan

  • Add Thread Group

  • Add Sampler

  • Add Listener

  • Run the Test Plan

  • View the Output


  • Create JMeter Test Plan

  • Adding JDBC Requests

  • Create Listener

  • Save and Execute Test Plan


  • Rename Test Plan

  • Add Thread Group

  • Add Sampler – FTP Request

  • Add Listener


  • Create Webservice Project

  • Create JMeter Test plan


  • Building a JMS Point-to-Point Test Plan

  • Building a JMS Topic Test Plan


  • Setup Tomcat Server

  • Write JMeter Test Plan


  • Default Configuration

  • CSV Log format

  • Saving Response Data

  • Loading (Reading) Response Data

  • Saving the Listener GUI Data


  • JMeter Functions and User Variables

  • List of Functions

  • Where to Use Functions and Variables?

  • Referencing Variables and Functions

  • The Function Helper Dialog

  • Predefined Variables

  • Predefined Properties

Module: – 4

Mobile Testing:-

  • Introduction to Mobile Testing

  • Mobile Application Type & Mobile Platforms and Mobile Testing Scope

  • Mobile Testing Strategy and Planning

  • Mobile Testing Tool and Mobile Testing Techniques

  • Live Mobile Application Project

UNIX / Linux Basic:-

  • Introduction to UNIX/LINUX.

  • Basic Commands.

  • Features and Benefits of UNIX/LINUX.

  • Different flavors of UNIX/LINUX.

  • Difference between UNIX, DOS, Windows and LINUX.

  • The architecture of UNIX.

Knowledge OF SQL:-

  • What is SQL?

  • Use of SQL

  • Data types in SQL.

  • Joins in SQL.

  • Constraint in SQL

  • Basic queries.

Automation Testing                                                                                                               

  • Overview of Automation Testing

  •   Scenarios which require Automation

  •   The benefit of automation Testing

  •   Right Tests for Automation

  •   Simple Example of Test Automation

  •   Types of Automation Tools

  • Selenium

  • Selenium Overview

  • Selenium Web Driver

  • Selenium RC

  • Selenium Grid

  • Selenium IDE

  • IDE-Commands

  • IDE-Creating Test Cases Manually

  • IDE- Locating Strategies

  • Locating by ID

  • Locating by Class

  • Locating by Attribute

  • IDE-Assert Method

  • IDE-Verify Method


  • Selenium Web Driver Architecture.

  • Selenium Installation.

  • First Selenium Web Driver Script.

  • Working with Firefox Browser.

  • Working with Chrome Browser.

  • Working with IE Browser.

  • Locators in Selenium.

  • Locating Strategies

  • Locating Strategies By ID

  • Locating Strategies By Name

  • Locating Strategies By Class Name

  • Locating Strategies By Tag Name

  • Locating Strategies By Link Text

  • Locating Strategies By Partial Link Text

  • Locating Strategies By CSS

  • Locating Strategies By XPATH

  • Handle drop-downs

  • Handling Radio Buttons

  • Handling Checkbox

  • Handle web table

TestNG with Selenium

  • TestNG Introduction

  • TestNG Installation

  • Advantages of TestNG

  • TestNG XML File

  • TestNG Annotations

  • @BeforeSuite

  • @AfterSuite

  • @BeforeTest

  • @AfterTest

  • @BeforeClass

  • @AfterClass

  • @BeforeMethod

  • @AfterMethod

  • @BeforeGroups

  • @AfterGroups

  • Annotation Attributes

  • TestNG Parameters

  • Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait and Fluent Wait in Selenium

  • Implicit Waits

  • Explicit WebDriver Waits

  • Fluent Wait In Selenium

JIRA tool

  • JIRA – Home

  • JIRA – Overview

  • JIRA – Project

  • JIRA – Issues

  • JIRA – Installation

  • JIRA – Setup

  • JIRA – Login

  • JIRA – Issue Types

  • JIRA – Screens

  • JIRA – Issue Creation

  • JIRA – Create a Subtask


  1. Maven

  2. Jenkins